APX 7000XE

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Model number:

APX 7000XE





Specification Attachment:



critical users working in extreme or hazardous conditions will benefit from the glove readiness of the APX 7000XE.

Firefighters and other mission critical users working in extreme or hazardous conditions will benefit from the glove readiness of the APX 7000XE.

“The large knobs on the APX 7000XE make changing channels and adjusting the volume very easy with gloves on. These knobs are in a class all to themselves,” said Lieutenant David H. Hudik, EMT- PRN, Elgin, Ill. Fire Department. “The audio is very loud and clear which makes hearing radio traffic much easier, especially in high noise environments like the fireground. The large top display allows for ease of viewing regardless if the radio is in a radio pouch on my bunker gear or in my hand.”

Other features of the APX 7000XE include :

o A T-grip design provides a wider control top with exaggerated controls and knobs that can be easily differentiated by touch alone;
o Distinct channel knob “clicks” and the volume knob has a “high resistance feel” to assure users they are using the correct knob;
o A push-to-talk (PTT) button designed to be extremely easy to use with gloves and can be easily located by the “ramps” on each side to also insure that the PTT button is not activated accidentally if the radio is dropped;
o The largest and most accessible emergency button on the market located at the base of the antenna;
o Industry-leading noise reduction software combined with the latest AMBE digital voice vocoder and Motorola’s exclusive Extreme Audio Profile provide best-in-class audio for first responders working in extremely loud environments.
o A 1-watt speaker so the audio can be heard over background noise created by sirens and tools in an emergency situation;
o And a top display twice the size of the APX 7000 angled to allow first responders to see radio status and channel or zone information without removing the radio from their turnout gear.

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