15-year-old charged following gigantic industrial fire at Dalgety Bay, Scotland

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Following a colossal fire that took place in a disused building on a Fife industrial estate in Scotland, a 15-year-old boy has subsequently been charged in connection with the blaze.
The fire, which took place at the Hillend Industrial Estate in Dalgety Bay, was reported at around 18:40 on the 6th September, and the teenager will be reported for wilful fire raising as a direct consequence of the events in questions.
As the blaze was taking place, local authorities advised residents to stay indoors as a precaution, as there was a small amount of asbestos in the building.
Thankfully, the fire didn’t get to the asbestos as it was found to have been unaffected by the blaze, meaning that there was no risk to the community.
Speaking in the aftermath of the incident, Sgt Kenny Bow from Police Scotland gave a detailed breakdown of what happened, and clarified that there was no risk to the public as a result of what happened, while also stressing that parents should ram home the notion that accessing disused buildings can be dangerous.
“This fire caused fear and alarm to the local community and specialist resources were required as a result of the potential asbestos concerns,” Bow said, as reported by BBC. “Fortunately, this did not present any risk to the public, but the consequences could have been far more serious.
“We would also urge parents and guardians to remind children in their care not to access disused or derelict buildings, as doing so can place themselves and others in danger.”​

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