Wildfires in Los Angeles wreak havoc, killing at least 23​​

High winds that are being renewed are subsequently fanning the horrific wildfires which have devastated Northern California, killing at least 23 people so far.
The 22 catastrophic blazes have caused thousands of people to be left homeless, while the flames continue to spread both rapidly and unpredictably.
So far, almost 300 people are missing as a result of the blaze, however, police are claiming that one of the reasons why the figure is that high could be down to the chaotic nature of the evacuations to date.
In addition to this, entire towns have been abandoned in the state’s wine-producing region.
Smoke has been sent as far south as San Francisco, some 60 miles (100km) away, with the fires being among the deadliest in California’s history.
Over 200 fire engines and crews have been deployed to California from the rest of the US, while 73 helicopters, 30 air tankers, and almost 8000 firefighters are currently doing their best to tackle the blaze.
Entire neighbourhoods of Santa Rosa – a 175000 capacity city – have been reduced to ashes as a result of the flames.
Napa County in Calistoga is one of the towns who have been evacuated, with all 5000 residents being told to leave the area, while police have put in measures to stop all traffic approaching the area.
Of the deaths so far, at least 13 have occurred in Sonoma County, according to officials, while 40000 homes are currently without power. 25000 people across the county have evacuated their homes.
In Mendocino County, six people have died, while two have died in Napa County and two have died to Yuba County.

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