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LION, the training expert, presents LION ChimerX™, the training-ready units to prepare emergency teams for real-life scenarios 

ChimerX™ is a training unit concept created by LION, the world’s largest provider of training equipment and facilities for first responders. LION has built the world’s three most extensive first responder training facilities.  

Our top priority at LION is helping customers keep citizens, workers, and firefighters safe through comprehensive training. We share this passion and are committed to providing best-in-class training tools and systems to help customers achieve their goals. We propose a complete range of highly differentiated products and services to ensure first responders are always ready for action.  

We are a technology company dedicated to developing life-saving products for first responders using innovative technology. We aim to enhance life-safety conditions for service personnel without compromising effectiveness during training or critical situations.  

“ChimerX™ combined decades of firefighting knowledge and expertise from experienced firefighters, so trainers can train firefighters the way they know is best.” States LION, ” LION makes your team get ready for any emergency scenario.”   


Training is critical for emergency preparedness. LION provides equipment like digital fire simulators, smoke generators, and gas-based fire technologies to help teams practice different scenarios in a safe, immersive environment with full-scale training units.   


LION offers durable and comfortable turnout gear, station wear, and HazMat CBRN suits with thoughtful details like gussets for a greater range of movement, fade-resistant materials, and ergonomic features.  


Make sure your training solutions meet the challenge with LION EMEA TotalCare®. We propose repair, maintenance, on-site and online support, direct contact with our end-users or through local dealers, consultancy, and training.  

We are firefighters too.  

LION is proud to be a fire service and first responder community member. Our team includes former and active fire brigades and police professionals from seven countries. This connection to the industry enables us to design and develop products and services that best meet the current needs of end-users, making us a part of the global firefighting and rescue community.  

“We only believe in real-life training because it’s real lives we’re saving.”  

The LION ChimerX Product Line offers an impressive range of fire training units, including Digital Fire Training (DFT), Breathing Apparatus Training (BAT), Gas Fire Training (GFT), HazMat training (HMT), Damage Control (DCT), Carbonaceous Fire (CFT) training unit, and Carbonaceous Fire (CFT) Hybrid training unit. With these units, you can be confident in your ability to handle any fire emergency with skill and precision.  

Why training with LION ChimerX Product Line  

Looking for a firefighting training solution that ticks all the boxes? Look no further than our comprehensive system! You can build your skills quickly with flexible and realistic training opportunities. Our robust safety network ensures you’re always protected, no matter the situation. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to get started and stay on track. Built to last, our turnkey solutions provide everything you need to become an expert firefighter. We focus on training and set up all essential training for inexperienced to expert firefighters. And with our system being suitable for every weather condition and compliant with most regulations, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best possible training experience. Don’t settle for less – choose our firefighting training solution today!  

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