Tyco offers FASTFLEX sprinkler hose for flexibility and cost savings

A unique sprinkler drop assembly

Tyco Fire Protection Products announces the launch of the new FASTFLEX Model FB. This flexible braided hose is a unique sprinkler drop assembly for installation on wet pipe pendent sprinkler systems in tight or false ceiling spaces.

The VdS approved hose allows for testing and charging of the system with water before the ceiling grid is installed. The hose can then be repositioned to fit the final sprinkler location without draining the system of water, saving installation time and costs.

The FASTFLEX model’s flexible design provides easier manoeuvrability around ducts and trays in congested spaces, offering additional positions to install the sprinkler. Its versatility also makes the hose ideal for tight and unusual ceiling types and curved plasterboard ceilings. In addition, the product eliminates the need for measuring, cutting and threading pipes, as well as the use of elbows and fittings, contributing towards further reduced costs and project timeline.

Comprising a stainless steel flexible hose, a swivel inlet nipple, a sprinkler reducer, and lightweight ceiling bracket components, the unit easily connects from the branch line to the sprinkler. Offering flexibility and simplicity benefits, the Tyco FASTFLEX Model FB is suited to a variety of applications, such as offices, schools, libraries, hospitals and retail complexes.

“At Tyco Fire Protection Products, we strive to create innovative, workable products to meet our customers’ needs,” says Wouter Bossink, director of marketing – global valves and devices, Tyco Fire Protection Products. “Investing in approvals and focusing on overcoming user challenges enables us to develop effective solutions that offer customers design freedom, reliability and cost-effectiveness in challenging installation environments.”

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