Rebecca Spayne - Fire Buyer

With over 8 years experience in publishing and editorial across both B2B media and fiction publishing, working for the likes of Thomson Reuters and Headline Publishing Group, Rebecca is well versed in high quality content. As the Managing Editor at Hand Media International, Rebecca has been pioneering the content strategy across a number of B2B and B2C industry niches, including security and fire for several years. Rebecca’s primary focus is on ensuring the delivery of high-calibre content, meeting the needs of dedicated and varied audiences.

Rebecca’s commitment extends beyond content excellence. She is deeply passionate about fostering equality, diversity, equity, and inclusion, particularly in the Security and Fire sectors. This dedication is further exemplified by her role as a Digital Champion for Kent County Council, where she champions digital inclusion and empowerment and helps contribute to the eradication of digital poverty across the county.

Bringing a nuanced understanding of quality, relevance, and the power of content in connecting and informing diverse audiences, Rebecca’s goal is to recognise and celebrate industry innovation and thought leaders who are actively insitgating change.

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