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When a fire occurs in an area with limited water access, the effects can be devastating. A tanker must be able to shuttle water to the scene, but that becomes impossible if the road is blocked. This is particularly problematic in rural applications where roads are at risk of complete closure. On four-lane roads, traffic delays caused by lane closures can back up traffic substantially, causing closures.  

What is the Single Lane Tank – Complete System? 

The Single Lane Tank (SLT) – Complete System is a solution to road closures created by water shuttle operations. The SLT – Complete System consists of everything needed to deploy a tank in-line. Specifically, the following items are included: one SLT Type II tank, Flange mount plate with inner/outer flange kit, 90° Elbow, 10’ HSH (Hard Suction Hose), and Low-Level Strainer. 


Most importantly, the SLT – Complete System provides maximum capacity on the ground without affecting the opposite lane of traffic. This prevents closures on rural roads. In urban applications, a Single Lane Tank allows for the continued flow of traffic.  

The flange mount plate is permanently installed in the wall of the tank to facilitate through wall drafting. A low-level strainer is connected to the inside flange and a hard suction hose is connected to the outside flange. Through wall drafting reduces the time it takes to prime the pump. It also eliminates the hard suction hose being routed over the top rail of the tank. Overall, saving time and optimizing equipment usage. In addition, the flange mount plate is offset and does not increase the overall width of the folded tank.  

The 90° suction elbow connects the hard suction hose to the pumper’s intake fitting while providing a 90° turn. The elbow orientation ensures the inline set-up to the primary drafting tank behind and in-line with the pumper. Elbows are welded aircraft-grade aluminum and can be customised to non-standard lengths. 


FOL-DA-TANK came under new ownership in November, 2020. Joel Wright, President and Co-Owner, quickly transformed lead times and created a robust supply chain. Ensuring that FOL-DA-TANK can be trusted to support first responders, support their communities. In fact, FOL-DA-TANK now boasts a quick ship program that offers many popular products shipped the same or next business day!   

The first responders FOL-DA-TANK serves are on the front lines of disasters and emergency situations; working to protect people, property, and the environment from harm. 

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