Permalevel from Coltraco Ltd, UK

Introducing constant level monitoring

Permalevel® is the newest design from Coltraco Ltd, the global leaders in the specialised field of ultrasonic instrumentation design and manufacture. The Permalevel® is building upon the 20 year successes of the Portalevel®, its sister product, a portable handheld Ultrasonic Liquid Level indicator which is currently used in 102 countries worldwide.

The Permalevel® is designed to provide a facility with the means to constantly monitor vital levels inside tanks including those of the fire suppression system cylinders, powered by 240 or 110 V. Unlike the fixed weighing systems, Permalevel® does not require any heavy investment in infrastructure to weigh the cylinders and the equipment is available for retrofit.

Permalevel® can be used, among other applications, for fixed fire extinguishing installations in the Power (notably coal, hydro, gas and nuclear), Oil and Gas (notably exploration and production platforms), high value Data Storage, Server Rooms & Telecommunications centres and Defence sectors where it is critical that the contents in fixed fire extinguishing installations are monitored on continual 24/7 basis.

Moreover, Permalevel® can also be installed as a retrofit installation and used for any other liquid monitoring requirements such as with most industrial liquids and chemicals in tanks or holding vessels. Permalevel® provides a simple and effective way to ensure the level of liquid within a container is continually monitored.


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