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Perimeter Solutions

Perimeter Solutions, a global manufacturer of high-quality firefighting products and lubricant additives, announced today the launch of SOLBERG RE-HEALING 3×3 SP-100 Fluorine-Free Foam Concentrate. With the UL-162 listing granted, the newest addition to Perimeter Solutions’ catalog of fluorine-free firefighting foam concentrates is the industry’s first UL-listed fluorine-free 3×3 foam concentrate with the full complement of hardware and sprinkler listings, including non-aspirated, standard sprinkler heads

“This is an exciting breakthrough for the fire safety industry,” says Craig McDonnell, General Manager of Fire Suppression for the Americas at Perimeter Solutions. “SOLBERG RE-HEALING 3×3 SP-100 contains cutting-edge technology and is designed for sprinkler applications to extinguish and secure both Class B [hydrocarbon fuel and polar solvent fuel] and deep-seated Class A fires. It has been tested and meets the requirements of UL-162, the industry’s highest fire safety standard for Class B foam.” In addition to its UL-162 listing, SOLBERG RE-HEALING 3×3 SP-100 is currently going through the Factory Mutual (FM) testing process and is expected to be added to the FM Approval Guide during the first half of 2023.

SOLBERG RE-HEALING 3×3 SP-100 is a biodegradable and non-persistent foam concentrate that contains no silicone/siloxane chemistries or intentionally added per- or polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). This fluorine-free foam concentrate is a combination of proprietary hydrocarbon surfactants and additives that delivers excellent foaming, vapor sealing and stability properties for attacking and securing both shallow and fuel in-depth fires.

This new foam can be used successfully through both standard and air-aspirated sprinkler heads. It can also be used with low-expansion discharge devices, including a variety of nozzles and monitors. SOLBERG RE-HEALING 3×3 SP-100 is fully compatible and easily proportioned with standard firefighting equipment, including in-line inductors, self-inducting nozzles, fire truck pumps, bladder tanks, pump skids, water driven foam proportioners, balanced pressure systems and other equipment. It is compatible with fresh, salt and brackish water, provides fast knockdown and extinguishing performance, and delivers excellent burnback performance.

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