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Perimeter Solutions Fire Safety manufactures its world class products in the US, Canada, France and Spain and supplies products to fire management and firefighting organizations around the world. Employees come from the fire safety industry, bringing insights to technology, logistics and service solutions. Today we are the only company with a supply chain & customer service network that can meet the needs of over 150 air tanker bases, mobile operations and ground-applied retardant operations.


We are the world’s leading producer of PHOS-CHEK® and FIRE-TROL® brand long-term fire retardants, Class A foams, and water enhancing gels for managing wildland, industrial and municipal fires. Novel products, such as PHOS-CHEK WD881 Class A foam concentrate contain a unique combination of surfactants to create a superior foam blanket that surrounds fuels with a thick layer of water. Perimeter Solutions continues to advance these and other highly efficient products to enable fire managers to use retardant as a primary line of defense.


In 2014, following the Acquisition of AUXQUIMIA S.A. in Spain, Perimeter Solutions entered the Class B foam business. The products are sold under the PHOS-CHEK and AUXQUIMIA® brands exclusively with C6 technology. This full line of AFFF and AR-AFFF products are complemented by our best in class fluorine free Class B foams, training foam and specialty foams.


Most recently, Perimeter Solutions has made it easy to defend the perimeter of your property with PHOS-CHEK WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE. A Home Defense kit includes both retardant and a PHOS-CHEK tested five-gallon sprayer that makes treating the area around your home fast and efficient. Now homeowners that live in fire-prone areas can take steps to defend their property and home before fire strikes.


A company built on the premise of superior technology with the establishment of PHOS-CHEK in 1963, and a business dedicated to ease of use, and best overall performance, Perimeter Solutions is continually advancing fire retardant and foam products for wildland municipal, industrial and residential markets.


Perimeter Solutions’ core values align with those of its new partners. In a series of new major acquisitions this year, the company has strengthened its position as a global leader in the production of fire retardants and fire-managing services. First, in January, Perimeter announced the acquisition of Wisconsin-based company SOLBERG, a global producer of foam systems hardware and advanced firefighting foam concentrate technologies. SOLBERG-brand products are backed by 200+ years of combined knowledge and expertise in firefighting foam, and address the rising demand for technology that meets stringent fire performance criteria and environmental standards. More recently, Perimeter Solutions welcomed to the family a group of Idaho-based companies, including First Response Fire Rescue (“First Response”), River City Fabrication (“RCF”), and H&S Transport, to bolster its fire management capabilities. Perimeter Solutions plans to integrate the new businesses within its existing manufacturing and service ecosystem to expand its technology and solutions offering in the fire suppression sector.


Perimeter Solutions Oil Additives is the only Phosphorous Pentasulfide (P2S5) producer with a global production footprint, manufacturing in both the United States and Western Europe. Our high-quality product is necessary for the preparation of lubricant additives, including a family of compounds called Zinc Dialkyldithiophosphates (ZDDP). These compounds are critical in the formulation of engine oils, with their main function to provide anti-wear protection inside an engine. In addition, ZDDP inhibit oxidation of motor oil by scavenging free radicals that initiate oil breakdown/sludge formation, resulting in better and longer engine function.


Perimeter Solutions holds key raw material supply positions with local producers of sulfur and global producers of yellow phosphorus, both of which are necessary to produce high quality P2S5. Our Krummrich facility in the US procures P4 sourced from the US, while our Knapsack (Germany) facility procures P4 from both US and Asian sources. Phosphorous Pentasulfide (P2S5) is distributed directly to customers to assure the highest level of safety and customer satisfaction.



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