Pentair Industrial Fire Protection receives UL/FM approval

For advanced metallurgies in fire protection equipment

Pentair Engineered Solutions has obtained UL listing and FM Approval on its line of fire pumps with advanced metallurgies. This means industrial users located offshore, near shore and between shores now have a greatly needed defense against salt and brackish water corrosion that has historically wreaked havoc on their pumping equipment. It also designates Pentair as the first to market with a broad line of UL/FM pumps using advanced metallurgies.

The corrosive effects of salt and brackish water, high pH, sand, etc., can put traditional cast iron and carbon steel fire pumps out of commission in only a few months. Without the corrosion-resistance provided by the advanced metallurgies, operators must choose between making costly pump system repairs or suffering lengthy shut downs and lost production time. Pentair’s recent approval gives operators the ability to combine the design, performance and quality standards of fire pumps built and tested per NFPA 20, UL, and FM, with the advanced metallurgies specifically selected to combat corrosion, extend pump service life and maximize uptime.

The UL/FM Approval of these pumps also means industrial users now have a complete line of Pentair fire protection pumps (to 5000 gallons per minute) from which to choose. Advanced metallurgies available for use in all major components of split case and vertical turbine pumps include 316 Stainless Steel, Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steel, as well as Nickel-Aluminum-Bronze.

Advanced Metallurgies Also Benefit Marine Pumping Applications

Pentair advanced metallurgies apply to marine applications, benefitting marine architects, municipal users, and port authorities as well. In addition to the UL/FM Approval, these pumps have also satisfied ABS, Lloyd’s, and Bureauveritas standards.

Benefits To Fresh Water Tank Users

Often, operations located near saltwater sources are forced to avoid readily available seawater due to its corrosive effects on carbon steel and cast iron based pumping equipment — opting instead to pump fresh water into holding tanks on premises. Pentair’s line of fire protection pumps utilizing advanced metallurgies offers the more cost-effective option of utilizing unlimited brackish water resources, as well as avoiding the need for holding tanks and the larger footprints they entail.

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