Intersec Profile: TLX Fire & Security

TLX Fire & Security presents fire suppression solutions, including the Suspended Weight-Monitoring System, that will be on display at the January edition of Intersec 2024 

TLX Fire & Security’s Liquid Level Sensor automatically provides the thermally compensated weight of the extinguishing agent in the fire suppression system’s cylinders, without the errors that can be caused by manual measurements.  

This solution is comprised of a sealed tube with a magnetic float mounted on the outside of the tube. This tube is installed in the cylinder before it is filled with the extinguishing agent. There is another magnetic float inside the tube that moves with the float outside the tube. These rise and fall together as the fluid level in the cylinder changes to provide an accurate measurement of the fluid level inside the cylinder. A sensor at the end of the tube at the top of the cylinder sends float position and temperature data to a microcontroller that can be preprogrammed with a conversion table for that specific cylinder and extinguishing agent configuration. The microcontroller then determines the weight of the extinguishing agent. 

The weight can be displayed directly at the cylinder on a digital display or transmitted to the fire control panel through a hardwired or wireless connection. Data can also be accessed remotely or downloaded using a USB connection. Additionally, a simple GO/NO-GO status can be displayed with green and red LEDs to indicate the status of the cylinder.  

For systems where the cylinders must be weighed, TLX offers the Suspended Weight-Monitoring System and Platform Weight-Monitoring System. These solutions monitor cylinder weight in real time and are accurate within 100 grams. If the weight falls below a designated threshold, an alarm can be sent directly to the fire control panel. Up to 20 weighing units can be connected in series and individually addressed to one central weight control panel, which can display individual cylinder weights and alarm conditions.  

The Suspended Weight-Monitoring System has a maximum load capacity of 230 kg per weighing unit. The Platform Weight-Monitoring System has a maximum load capacity of 500 kg per weighing unit and features mechanical lockouts on the weighing platform to prevent load cell damage during cylinder loading.   

These weight monitoring solutions are currently configured for on-site monitoring, but since the data they collect can be sent to the fire control panel, technicians can monitor them remotely through any system that allows remote access. If desired, TLX can configure these solutions for wireless connectivity, enhancing remote monitoring of the fire suppression system. 

TLX Fire & Security is a pioneer in the design and production of actuation solutions and integrated technologies for the global fire suppression market. All TLX actuators, solenoids, and valves for fire suppression feature an integrated supervisory component to meet regulatory standards for supervision, are resettable for future use, and can be configured to fit your individual system. Our headquarters and design center are located in the United States, and we offer localized production in both the US and China. 

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