INTERSCHUTZ with four Focus Topics

Halftime in the run-up to the next INTERSCHUTZ (1 to 6 June 2026 in Hannover): the next edition of the world’s leading trade fair for the fire and rescue services, civil protection, safety and security opens its doors in two years. The focus topics have already been finalized. Alongside the impacts of climate change and a turning point in civil protection, the spotlight will also be on the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in control centers, situation centers and at the scene of operations, as well as on sustainability.

“The dramatic events around the world make it clear that the issues of disaster prevention and civil protection are playing an increasingly important role,” says INTERSCHUTZ Project Manager Bernd Heinold of Deutsche Messe in Hannover. “This was already evident at INTERSCHUTZ two years ago, but new conflicts, crises and disasters, too, must serve as reminders that there can be no taking breaks on the way to ensuring even greater resilience.” The challenges ahead are therefore aptly summarized by the INTERSCHUTZ 2026 motto “Safeguarding Tomorrow”.

Impacts of climate change

In Heinold’s view, the efficiency of preventive and reactive measures can only be boosted through intensive research, technological innovations, and across-the-board collaboration. Only by these means can we respond, for example, to the impacts of climate change with its flood disasters, forest fires and storms.

“The emergency services need to gear themselves up for the escalating frequency of heavy rain events, vegetation fires and added health risks from heatwaves, air pollution and the spread of diseases,” Heinold continues. This underscores the necessity for ever improving networking that transcends responsibilities and borders. INTERSCHUTZ offers the ideal opportunity for establishing and maintaining such contacts.

Turning point in civil protection

“Dynamic and innovative solutions are also in demand in the sphere of civil protection,” Heinold continues. “To this end, the exhibitors at INTERSCHUTZ will be showcasing their concepts and technologies for integrated and collaborative crisis management.”

He adds that being well informed is pivotal for the population to be well prepared for emergencies – and that is a crucial responsibility for the relevant authorities and associations. They must raise awareness of potential risks and encourage the use of self-help practices.

Artificial Intelligence

In the future, however, the focus topic of “AI” will be of particularly crucial importance. “At the next INTERSCHUTZ, leading representatives from research and industry will show how intelligent technologies and artificial intelligence can be used to make emergency deployments more efficient – and where the limits lie,” emphasizes the INTERSCHUTZ Project Manager.

As a promising example, he cites the utilization of appropriate AI techniques to transcribe emergency calls in various languages. This facilitates the prompt initiation and organization of aid, regardless of whether the callers are fluent in the national language.


Bernd Heinold reminds us that the topic of sustainability ought not to be forgotten amidst all this. Sustainability is of vital importance from both ecological and economic standpoints. “This ranges from alternative drives to durable and adaptable equipment right through to securing available, well-trained personnel. Just one example: sustainable procurement guidelines can help incentivize the use of environmentally friendly vehicles,” he emphasizes.

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