Flammable Liquid and Gas Trainer



Key features:

FLAG Trainer
The FLAG Trainer provides an assortment of training modules that represents a variety of flammable liquid and gas incidents commonly found in first responder response.
FLAG Trainer Equipment
•Dot compliant transporter
•Dual LPG Cylinders
•Operator control module
•Flammable liquid spill fire
•OS&Y line breech fire
•Gas meter fire
•LPG pressure relief & ground fire
•Boil over fire
FLAG II Advanced
The FLAG II Advanced offers a variety of training modules providing techniques for larger incident management, with the integration of automated controlled fire spread.
FLAG II Advanced Equipment
•Dot compliant enclosed transporter
•Dual LPG Cylinders
•Multi burner operator control station
•Programmable logic controller
•Burner management
•Ignition modules
•Running flammable liquid spill fire
•Split flange fire
•Gas meter fire
•Christmas tree fire
•LPG pressure vessel fire

Specification Attachment:


consistent realistic training scenarios of the FLAG and FLAG II Advanced Trainers

Hazardous material response to flammable liquid and gas incidents demand quick and effective response which is generated from specialized training. Specialized training in hazardous material response effectiveness can be achieved by the consistent realistic training scenarios of the FLAG and FLAG II Advanced Trainers. With a broad range of training scenario capabilities, each model includes innovative and advanced training solutions.

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