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Sika is pleased to announce the launch of its latest Continuing Professional Development (CPD), “Fire Safety in Buildings – Fire Regulation and Test Methods for Roofs.”

In today’s built environment, the ever-increasing focus on fire safety in buildings has become a critical concern for specifiers, contractors and building owners. Understanding the relevant regulations, testing methods and certification to enable navigation of the wealth of product information available is therefore essential to ensure the safety and compliance of roofing systems.

Sika’s new CPD presentation addresses this need by providing comprehensive coverage of the standards, fire testing and certification for roofing applications, the types of roofing systems and insulation available, the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), and the Building Regulations that apply. This CPD aims to equip attendees with the knowledge and understanding needed to make informed decisions when specifying roofing solutions that prioritise fire safety.

“At Sika, we understand the critical importance of fire safety in buildings, and we are committed to equipping our customers with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions,” said Mark Harris, Head of Sustainability at Sika Limited. “Our new ‘Fire Safety in Buildings – Fire Regulation and Test Methods for Roofs’ CPD is a testament to our dedication to supporting the industry and ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants.”

In addition to the “Fire Regulation and Test Methods for Roofs” CPD, Sika’s Roofing Division offers a range of other CPD topics, including:

  • Introduction to Sika’s Roofing Solutions
  • Designing for a Sustainable Future (RIBA Approved)
  • Sika Pro-Tecta Profiled Metal Roof Solutions
  • Bituminous Flat Roofing Solutions (RIBA Approved)
  • Managing Risk for Specifiers: Roof Refurbishment Considerations
  • Selecting Flat Roof Systems to Meet Modern Demands (RIBA Approved)

These CPD sessions are designed to provide industry professionals with the necessary knowledge and insights to navigate the evolving roofing landscape and make informed decisions that prioritise safety, sustainability, and performance.

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