FDIC 2013 show preview

The Fire Department Instructors Conference, held each year in Indianapolis, is the fire industry’s largest and most-attended conference and exhibition. Following on from 2012’s great success, the 2013 edition promises to be the biggest and best to date. Kicking off on April 22nd with pre-conference workshops and hands-on tutorials and seminars (the best of which are featured on the following pages), the conference itself begins on Wednesday, April 24th with the opening ceremony and first general session. These will feature highlights of the workshops from the days before, and feature keynote speeches from some of the brightest lights in the fire industry.
Between April 25th and 27th, the Lucas Oil Stadium and Indiana Convention Centre will play host to the FDIC exhibition, where the fire industry’s largest companies will be showcasing their latest innovations and technology on the world stage. Visitors will be able to network and build professional ties, as well as training with the most up-to-date and best techniques in the world. They will be able to visit the manufacturers directly and discuss the latest developments within the fire industry.

Over 800 companies and organisations will be exhibiting at FDIC, from areas including:

• Apparatus and apparatus accessories

• Protective clothing

• SCBA and supplies

• Education/colleges/training services

• Tools
• Nozzles, hoses and reels

• Ropes, chains, and safety belts

• Personal safety devices/accountability systems
• Pumps and gauges
• Monitors and detectors
• Sirens, lights, alarms and signalling devices

The extensive range of companies exhibiting, including Elkhart Brass, 3M and Solberg, make FDIC the must-attend event for any fire industry professional looking to further their business domestically or abroad.

The 22nd and 23rd of April will feature a series of workshops and tutorials designed to advance the skills of a firefighter, and change the way they look at a fire scenario. Below, we have selected a number of the most progressive and groundbreaking workshops from across the two days:

4-hour workshops: Monday, April 22nd
8:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.

Building Effective Teamwork
Battalion Chief Jerry Wells, Lewisville (TX) Fire Department

In this inspiring, thought provoking, and professionally and personally challenging class, the sport of football is used as the teaching mechanism to illustrate how “the fire service is a team sport”, and how it can be used to develop teamwork, leadership and decision-making

Extrication Zone: Hybrid/New Vehicle Technology
Matt Stroud, President, MGS Tech

With the rapidly growing popularity of hybrid, EV, and other alternative fuel vehicles, this course provides first responders of all levels with the knowledge needed to safely and confidently manage any new technology vehicle incident.

Medical Mayday
Firefighter/Medic Robert Owens, Henrico Fire (VA)

The focus is on medical emergencies, including cardiovascular events, which have been the number one killer among firefighter line-of-duty fatalities and other medical- and trauma-related, emergencies that occur on the fireground. The focus is on both prevention and care.

4-hour workshops: Monday, April 22nd
1:30p.m. – 5.30p.m.

Incident Action Plan Development and Implementation
Battalion Chief Michael Walker, Oklahoma City (OK) Fire Department

The class focuses on how to develop, implement, and evaluate the incident action plan (IAP) and the incident commander’s need to be able to decipher multiple, dynamic aspects of the fire scene in seconds.

Lessons Learned from a Wind-Driven Dwelling Fire
Deputy Chief Mike Piper, Arvada Fire (CO) Protection District

The objectives are to prevent injury or death from wind-driven, single-family dwelling fires and to stress the importance of donning a complete full structural protective ensemble at every incident.

Responding to and Preparing for Acts of Violence
Lieutenant Steven Hamilton, Fort Jackson (SC) Fire Department

The focus is on all aspects of response to violent scenes ranging from a single-company response to a domestic violence scene through a multiagency active shooter response. The incidents covered include violence, terrorism, mass shootings and domestic violence.

4-hour workshops, Tuesday, April 23rd
8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Reading Buildings
Battalion Chief (Ret.) John Mittendorf, Los Angeles (CA) Fire Department and Battalion Chief (Ret.) Dave Dodson, Response Solutions, LLC

Using a size/type/use/era model, participants get to practice making street reads from the authors’ collection of building photos. Tactical considerations such as access/egress, ventilation, forcible entry, and fire attack needs are emphasised.

Drills You Will Not Find in Books
Captain Raul Angulo, Seattle (WA) Fire Department

If you have ever wondered, “What can I drill on at drill night?” this class is for you. You will be presented with step-by-step slides covering unique and innovative “think outside of the box” drills and evolutions for engine and truck companies that will make drilling challenging, exciting, and fun.

Suburban Fire Tactics
Captain/Training Officer Jim Silvernail, Metro West (MO) Fire Protection District

The focus is on the differences between suburban-based fire operations and capabilities and urban-based operations and capabilities, and adjusting tactics to ensure operational success. The critical importance of a coordinated fire attack and how to achieve an efficient attack are emphasised.

Three-day workshop, Monday, April 22nd – Wednesday, April 24th
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

FDIC Blue Card Simulation Lab and Conference
Chief (Ret.) Alan Brunacini, Deputy Chief (Ret.) Nick Brunacini, and Captain (Ret.) John Brunacini, Phoenix (AZ) Fire Department

The Blue Card certification process requires students to participate in a 24-hour simulation lab as the culminating element after they have completed the 50-hour Blue Card online training programme. Students completing this 24-hour training session will then have the opportunity to attend any of the 200 classroom sessions being offered at FDIC 2013, as well as take unlimited advantage of the largest North American fire exhibition floor. This offer is available to an extremely limited number of students, and early registration is critical.

Hands-on training sessions

4-hour sessions, Monday, April 22nd & Tuesday, April 23rd
8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. & 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Aerial and Tower Operations
Lead Instructor: Lieutenant Michael Wilbur, Fire Department of New York

Students will learn the proper techniques for safely operating aerial ladders, rear-mounted tower ladders, and mid-mounted tower ladders. Topics include scrub area feathering hydraulic controls and depth perception.

Truck Company: Forcible Entry
Lead Instructor: Chris Minichiello, East Coast Rescue Solutions

This team of active-duty firefighters and officers of the Fire Department of New York and other major metropolitan fire departments, many members of their departments’ special operations teams, share their experiences and up-to-date expertise in this contemporary and innovative session.

For more information please visit www.fdic.com


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