Fire Safety Project of the Year

The prestigious Fire Safety Project of the Year Award recognises an organisation that has gone above and beyond to facilitate an exceptional fire safety project. This accolade honours those who have designed/installed or provided guidance and support for a fire safety solution. This award is a chance to give thanks to those individuals and organisations who’s work has been recognised
by the wider industry.

Assessment Criteria:

Judges will evaluate submissions based on:

  1. Impact & Effectiveness: Tangible positive outcomes, such as reduction in carbon footprint, increased safety, or community betterment.
  2. Innovation: Introduction of novel methods, technologies, or practices to address site challenges.
  3. Scalability & Replicability: Potential for the project’s methods or achievements to be scaled up or replicated in different settings or sectors.
  4. Presentation: A coherent, structured, and persuasive representation of the project’s journey and outcomes.

AwardS Supporters

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