Charitable advocate of the year

The prestigious Charitable Advocate of the Year award recognises an organisation that has gone above and beyond to help others. This accolade honours those who organise charitable events to raise awareness or financial aid to help and support others. This award is a chance to give thanks to those individuals and organisations who use their work as an opportunity to good in the world

Assessment Criteria: 

Judges will evaluate submissions based on: 

  1. Professional Achievements & Contributions: Initiatives or projects led by the nominee to help others within the organisation and/or industry 
  2. Leadership Qualities: Demonstrated ability to lead, mentor and inspire others. 
  3. Community & Societal Impact: Contributions to societal betterment, community upliftment, advocacy for pressing issues and other charitable actions.  
  4. Presentation: A well-articulated, structured, and engaging story of the nominee’s journey and impact. 

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