BRNS Group maintains compliant fire safety with Amtha

Leading UK residential property management and letting company, BRNS Group has partnered with Amthal Fire & Security to deliver on fire maintenance for its extensive London development portfolio. BRNS Group provides a full, integrated service of management and letting in property, from acquisition and refurbishment, through letting and management. It has entrusted 20 plus luxury developments through the Capital and Greater London. Working closely with Amthal, BRNS Group established a

TP Fire & Security

TP Fire & Security boosts driver safety

TP Fire & Security boosts driver safety and MPG while cutting emissions and idling time with award-winning in-cab technology TP Fire & Security, one of the UK’s leading providers of fire and security protection, has announced the successful implementation of Lightfoot’s award-winning in-cab technology across its fleet, leading to increases in fuel economy of over almost 10%, a 59% uplift in elite driver numbers, and the eradication of instances of

Dafo Vehicle introducing Li-IonFire

Dafo Vehicle introducing Li-IonFire increasing the safety of electric and hybrid electric vehicle operations  As there is a global transition to renewable fuels, there is an increasing demand for electric or hybrid vehicles (EV and HEV). However, knowledge is limited about the new fire risks associated with vehicles having these new energy carriers. Consequences connected to risks of Li-ion batteries, in case of a malfunction, can be serious, for example,

Case Study: Reducing the fire risk with thermal cameras

ADJ Fire and Security has provided a solution to improve fire safety via Hikvision’s thermal bullet cameras for Recycling Lives, a company that combines charity work with operations as a scrap metal and waste recycling company. Hikvision explains how. Recycling Lives is a very special business. Ostensibly a recycling and waste management operation, the company actually uses this commercial element to support and sustain charity programmes for offender rehabilitation, residential

Xtreme Mask, the latest advance in respiratory protection for wildfires

Xtreme Mask: A multipurpose device that offers complete protection of the face and respiratory tract against particles, gases and vapours. Wildland firefighters are exposed to several labour risks; heat, humidity, radiation, incandescent particles, microparticles, nanoparticles, smoke, fog, aqueous dispersions, viruses, bacteria, enzymes, proteins, gases, organic and inorganic vapours, acids, amine and formaldehyde in slow combustion. The lack of solutions to protect firefighters from these contaminant agents limits the time of


HydroBlast remote control monitor system

Extend the lifespan of your equipment with HydroBlast. Elkhart Brass automated remote control HydroBlast monitor system is the ideal solution for your fire protection and cleaning needs. A versatile and reliable system, HydroBlast is ideal for fire protection applications, mining & construction equipment cleaning, and dust mitigation. The HydroBlast monitor system is designed to provide the flexibility and reliability required for rugged and corrosive environments. Offering programming and configuration flexibility,

Fire hydrant

Faulty fire hydrants restored through District Walks program

Nearly 1,000 fire hydrants across Staten Island have been repainted and repaired as part of a community effort implemented by Councilman Steven Matteo’s office. “Fire hydrants are such a ubiquitous and common presence in our neighbourhoods, we almost don’t notice they are there,” said Matteo. “But a hydrant that is not working properly, not easily visible or blocked by weeds or debris can cause a fatal delay for firefighters rushing


LGA call for tougher sprinkler regulations

A new briefing issued by the LGA calls on ministers to ensure that automatic fire suppression systems (AFSS) are installed in new buildings where vulnerable people sleep. It also calls on the Government to lower its threshold on the height of new buildings where AFSS systems, such as sprinklers are mandatory, from 30 metres down to 18 metres high. “Not only are these measures proven to be more effective in

Key Hose

Key Hose launches the first new diameter attack line in decades, TRU-ID 2.25-inch

Key Hose has launched the first new diameter attack line in decades. Introducing TRU-ID 2.25-inch, the latest addition to true diameter hose solutions. When introduced in 2017, TRU-ID set new standards for ergonomic, lightweight, high quality, double-jacketed attack lines. Now, TRU-ID 225 adds more options to this game-changing line of high-performance attack lines. TRU-ID 225 combines an exclusive true internal diameter of 2.25-inch with a smaller outside diameter for a

Hainsworth Technology

Hainsworth Technology reveals new identity with the needs of the modern-day firefighter at its core

Hainsworth Technology has overhauled their brand in response to demand for a refreshed identity that makes a deeper connection with the modern-day firefighter. By listening, Hainsworth Technology have not only been able to develop cutting edge fabrics that surpass international standards, but also to produce textiles that meet the specific needs of those who wear PPE daily on the frontline. The new identity aims to project this ethos and demonstrate