Virtual event: Apprentices for Fire & Security (A4FS) joins WorldSkills UK Spotlight Talks

The Spotlight Talks are focused on inspiring careers excellence and will bring together the UK’s leading employers and apprentices to inspire even more young people, from all walks of life, to take up technical career routes and apprenticeships. WorldSkills UK Live is the nation’s premier skills, apprenticeships and careers event. It takes place every November at the NEC in Birmingham. The Electronic Security Systems Competition was launched in 2019, but

Training: NFPA training offerings transition from pipeline to pandemic

Chuck Stravin, Vice President, Business Development & Operations, NFPA discusses the intricacies of training during Covid-19 exclusively for Fire Buyer magazine   The author of, “Necessity is the mother of invention” is unknown, but the meaning sure is not. “New ways to do things are found or created when there is a strong and special need for them,” is how Merriam-Webster’s explains it. To fully appreciate the saying, though, we

Fire Suppression: Connected systems and the future

Fire suppression systems are joining the trend of smart technology and innovations in the industry, so what does the future look like for this sector?   A fire suppression system is designed to extinguish, contain and prevent fires. The fire prevention system can be easily managed, ensuring that fire ignition or re-ignition is prevented, helping to preserve and protect the environment. Fire suppression systems can be installed in a range

PPE: Decontamination following COVID-19 exposures

With the continued spread of the Coronavirus, firefighters have had to tackle fire as well as a highly infectious virus. How can the risk in PPE contamination be reduced?     The Coronavirus pandemic has plagued the world for over a year with thousands of deaths and hospitalisations. The lifestyle of society has changed to remote working, social distancing and lockdown measures. However, there are some industries that are a necessity

Big Interview: Fire protection from the ground up

Niall Rowan, Chief Executive Officer ASFP, talks exclusively to International Fire Buyer about advancing education throughout the construction process   How does the ASFP ensure fire protection quality of installation in construction? The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) believes that quality is achieved by the use of third party certificated products installed by third party certificated installers, backed by a rigorous inspection regime. Third party schemes are independent of

Global Fire Equipment appoints new Technical Support Engineer

Global Fire Equipment (GFE), has appointed Sudeep Dalvi as Technical Support Engineer to cater for the company’s growing customer base in the Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka, South East Asia and the Middle East. Sudeep will be responsible for providing advanced technical support for GFE’s partners’ installation and service teams, developing and delivering technical training, as well as writing technical specifications for GFE’s product ranges and strengthening the company’s existing pre-

Advanced Provides An Intelligent Fire Detection System For Revlon’s Headquarters

An intelligent fire detection system from UK manufacturer, Advanced, has been installed at the South African head office of cosmetics manufacturer, Revlon. Situated in South Africa’s Gauteng province, Revlon’s headquarters comprises of an administration building, warehousing facility, and manufacturing plant. With area usage varying across this large-scale site, the end-user required that there be immediate identification of the location of any alarm activations An intelligent fire detection system that uses

Insights On The Lifespan Of Fire/turn Out Kits

Firefighting kit has a number of functions. It protects crew members in a wide range of situations and makes them instantly recognizable in an emergency. Replacing the firefighting kit at the right time keeps fire firefighters and rescue personnel safe and comfortable, no matter what the emergency. Call Outs For Firefighters According to the UK Home Office, in the last year, 28 per cent of call-outs for firefighters and rescue

Geofire, Fire safety compliance and COVID-19

As hospitals battle through the second major wave of the virus, concerns have been raised around the NHS’on-going maintenance backlog and the impact on safety and infrastructure. In January 2021, figures suggested that the total backlog was the equivalent of the annual running cost of the entire NHS estate, which was around £9.7bn in 2019/20 [1]. Despite the added pressure of COVID-19, hospitals and healthcare buildings must ensure that fire

Mandatory introduction of effective filtration and warning systems

The Global Cabin Air Quality Executive (GCAQE) has launched its ‘Clean Air Campaign’ calling on regulators and Governments globally, to mandate the introduction of effective ‘bleed air’ filters and contaminated air warning sensors on passenger aircraft. To support their campaign the GCAQE has released a brief educational film in over 40 languages. They have also released a short animated film explaining the basics of the air supply system on aircraft. The