Aussie Pumps sees increased interest in diesel fire pumps

For reasons such as safety and fuel economy

Australian Pump Industries reports an increased interest in diesel drive fire fighting pumps for reasons such as safety and fuel economy.
Aussie Pumps has constantly been setting new standards for quality and performance in bush fire fighting pumps and equipment. Australian Pump Industries also launched their ‘Fire Ready’ programme this season with a huge amount of printed information aimed specifically at end user groups.
While not many suburban homeowners are going to buy a diesel fire pump, Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia says the product is very popular among fire fighting authorities and farming professionals.
High pressure diesel fire pumps have become more affordable with Aussie Pumps leading the way with increased production of Yanmar diesel engine drive fire pumps. Their Aussie Fire Chief, with an L48 4.8hp Yanmar diesel engine has proved a real winner, being a low priced entry point unit especially configured to attract customers to the safer aspects of diesel pumps.
Farrugia explains that diesel’s lower flashpoint makes it intrinsically safer than petrol engines in a bush fire fighting environment, adding that fire fighting authorities and national park operators around the country are sold on diesel and won’t go back to petrol drive fire pumps.
Australian Pump Industries produces a full range of Yanmar diesel engine powered pumps designed specifically for professional fire fighting units.
According to Farrugia, operators of national parks have standardised on this combination of a pump coupled to a 400-litre tank mounted on a Land Cruiser ute as the ideal mop up or fast attack style vehicle. The Aussie Fire Chief is teamed up with a high performance foaming device that minimises the use of water being applied but maximises the impact on the fire.
Yanmar’s representative, Power Equipment agrees with the Aussie Pump diesel preference philosophy. Power Equipment’s John Mason explains that the Yanmar L series engines incorporate direct injection technology that sips fuel rather than gulping it. Improvements in fuel efficiency mean the engines run for longer between refuelling, eliminating the need to refuel in the middle of operations. Diesel does not release large amounts of flammable vapour and is less likely to ignite if any fuel is spilt.
Aussie Pumps has also launched a heavy duty 10hp twin impeller high performance pump that is already proving popular with professional users and farmers. Farrugia comments that the Mr T twin impeller Aussie fire pump with its big 10hp diesel engine and super high pressure can be used for a wide range of applications including high pressure water transfer, spray irrigation and fire fighting.


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