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The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) is the UK’s leading trade association for the passive fire protection sector. It was formed in 1975 in recognition of a need to bring together passive fire protection manufacturers, contractors and testing/certification bodies to encourage, develop and give guidance on essential standards in passive fire protection and to support the activities of the fire industry in relation to all forms of ‘built in’ fire protection. 


The ASFP serves and represents the needs of its members and the wider passive fire protection industry, by raising standards and competence through training, testing, certification and quality of installation and maintenance. 


To offer the industry it serves: 

  • Advancing knowledge and guidance on all aspects of ‘built-in’ fire protection 
  • Providing technical support and impartial advice 
  • Leading regulatory and behavioural change as an independent authority 
  • Improving competence and quality through training 


  • Independence & authority 
  • Professionalism 
  • Technical competence 
  • Leading by excellence 

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