Amthal’s International Fire Protection Solutions for Energy Projects

Amthal has extended its service to become an international trusted provider of fire protection solutions, working closely with key clients in the Oil & Gas, Data Centre, Petroleum, Energy, and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) sectors.

The UK-based fire safety and security specialist has recently completed the first of three fire & suppression pump packages for an energy project in the Middle East. The programme of works involved the installation and commissioning of fire protection solutions tailored to the specific needs of the client’s modular units.

Amthal installed both main and reserve water mist systems connected to a detection activation and alarm system. Watermist technology was chosen for its effectiveness in suppressing fires while minimising water usage and collateral damage.

The internal environment of the enclosure was classified as hazardous, requiring specialised equipment to ensure safety. Amthal utilised ATEX-certified equipment, including lighting and control systems, to meet the stringent safety requirements.

Says Dave Pountney, IPL (Amthal Group Company) Business Development Manager: “The scope of works for the project was significant in being a highly hazardous environment, where it was critical to understand the dynamics involved.  Designing fire protection solutions that could be seamlessly integrated into the client’s modular units while meeting strict space and weight limitations.

“We worked closely with the client to address these challenges and deliver tailored fire protection solutions. Our team conducted extensive risk assessments, research and testing to select the most suitable equipment and materials for the project. We also collaborated with regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with local safety regulations.”

All control and status panels were manufactured using 316 stainless steel, known for its corrosion resistance and durability. This ensured the longevity and reliability of the fire protection systems, even in harsh environmental conditions.

Deane Sales, Group Sales Director at Amthal Group Companies added: “The successful completion of the first fire water pumps package demonstrates Amthal’s commitment to delivering high-quality fire protection solutions. The client was impressed with the performance and reliability of the installed systems, paving the way for future collaboration on the remaining phases of the project.”

Amthal’s expertise in designing, supplying, installing, and commissioning fire protection solutions has positioned us as a trusted partner for global clients in the energy sector. By leveraging innovative technologies and adhering to the highest safety standards for guaranteed compliance, we ensure the total protection of assets, personnel, and the environment in critical industrial environments.”

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