HD Low Expansion Foam Systems for storage tanks

HD Low

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HD Fire Protect discusses how their innovative and environmentally friendly new foam system is the ideal solution for fixed-roof and floating-roof storage tank protection

We know how devastating fuel storage tank fires can be, considering their intensity and scale. While these kinds of fires are not very frequent, due to their massive nature, it is extremely essential to design the tank fire-protection system with top quality products and in accordance with the regulatory codes and standards such as NFPA 11. 

HD Fire Protect offers an excellent wide range of FM-approved and UL-listed foam suppression products for various storage tank applications. These include foam concentrates, foam bladder tank proportioning systems, proportioning devices and a diverse array of foam discharge devices comprising HD’s Low Expansion Foam System. 

HD Low Expansion Foam Systems are most suitable for fixed-roof and floating-roof storage tanks. They are also ideal for protection of diked, loading and process areas as well as storage rooms of flammable liquids. FM and UL-listed HD foam chambers, rim seal foam pourers, water foam sprinklers, foam makers, foam monitors and so much more are some of HD’s wide range of product offerings for Class B fire protection. HD also offers graphite vapour seals for foam chambers for systems requiring accurate maintenance of back pressure. HD medium velocity nozzles and tank cooling nozzles have a wide selection of k-factors and spray angles, which system designers and integrators can select to design for cooling and exposure protection of storage tank surfaces and combustible liquid-filled equipment. 

HD has a variety of fixed and variable flow foam monitors for supplementary protection of storage tanks. With HD’s new JRC controlled variable flow foam monitor, which has an effective foam induction mechanism, foam storage tanks and monitors can now be spaced further apart. 

HD’s foam bladder tank proportioners are FM approved and UL listed and offer a very reliable and maintenance-free foam proportioning system. The pressure vessels of foam bladder tanks proportioning systems as designed as per ASME Section VIII Div. 1 Code. HD foam skids are customizable integrated foam proportioning units consisting of UL-listed inline balanced proportioner with new HD foam pump with options of electrical motors and diesel engine. 

HD mobile foam extinguishing systems consist of a range of mobile foam units and trailer mounted monitors with foam tanks. These are helpful in extreme cases, when the fixed foam discharge system is damaged due to intense fire or if a supplementary system is needed to fight large scale fires. 

HD foam range comprises a wide range of environmentally friendly foam concentrates approved by UL as well as FM. All HD foam concentrates are suitable for use on hydrocarbon fuel fires and spills while the AR-AFFF concentrates are suitable for use on polar solvent fuel fires and spills. HD technical teams can assist the clients with proper selection of required foam concentrate, proportioner and discharge devices, specific to the application, in accordance with NFPA 11 requirements. HD Fire Protect has been in the forefront of fire product innovations and technologies with more to come in the near future.


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