Fire detection and security systems in Commercial Buildings

Warren Moyle

Warren Moyle, Senior Technical Support Engineer, Apollo Fire Detectors comments on fire detection in commercial buildings

Fire and Security systems are usually separate. However, on larger systems, sometimes they must work together. Particularly if there are secure doors and access control systems in place.

This might be done through a Building Management System (BMS) or simply through interfaces fitted onto the Fire Alarm System.

For example, when the Fire Alarm activates, secure doors might need to be unlocked and access-controlled doors opened.

There might also need to be signals sent to internal and external security bodies. Internally, to alert Security guards to assist in evacuating the building and directing Fire Fighting teams if required, and externally to send warnings to monitoring stations.

Fire Alarm System Commissioning Engineers would need to work closely with BMS Engineers or Security Engineers to ensure that the systems were integrated correctly so that evacuation from the building can occur without delays or barriers.

In addition, you could add separate Fire Alarm Systems to this mix, so for example, in a large shopping complex, shops may have their own Fire Alarm Systems. Again, the use of interfaces and BMS could be used to link these systems together. This is usually simpler when the systems share the same protocol. However, it can still be done, even with separate manufacturers protocols.


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