National Foam

National Foam have announced that it will discontinue the sale of all PFAS based foam concentrates into the State of California effective January 1, 2021.

National Foam UniversalF3 Green 3% X 3% synthetic fluorine free foam concentrate has proven to be the replacement of choice for end-users in the Industrial, Chemical and Oil & Gas sectors.

UniversalF3 Green offers UL/ULC and LASTfire listings on both hydrocarbon and polar solvent in fresh and saltwater. The only fluorine free foam currently available with this breadth of third party listings. UniversalF3Green foam concentrate has proven to be effective in both legacy and new fixed systems with numerous hardware cross listings, including bladder tanks, proportioners, foam making sprinklers and various discharge devises.

UniversalF3 Green is one of the first fluorine free foam concentrates to be third party GreenScreen certified providing independent assurance to end-users that the product is PFAS free and avoids other known chemicals of concern.

National Foam MuniF3 Green Plus 3% synthetic fluorine free foam concentrate has been designed specifically for the Municipal firefighting sector. MuniF3 Green Plus offers UL/ULC listings on hydrocarbon fires and covers various blends of gasoline, from unblended (i.e. sport racing) through E5, E10 and up to E15 (i.e. 15% ethanol/gasoline blend) and can be used with fresh and brackish water.

MuniF3 Green Plus can also be used as a wetting agent on class A (Wildlands) fires, cross listed with the JS-10 handline nozzle and is GreenScreen certified.

National Foam “RED ALERT” service, with warehousing facility located in California, has removed all PFAS based foam concentrates and will support the Industrial, Chemical and Oil & Gas sectors with its UL/ULC and LASTfire listed UniversalF3 Green foam concentrate.