Pierce Fire

Pierce Manufacturing Inc., has secured an order from the Providence Fire Department in Rhode Island. Sold through Pierce dealer, Allegiance Fire and Rescue, the order includes four Pierce Saber Pumpers, four 100’ Heavy-Duty Aerial Ladders on Arrow XT chassis, and an Ascendant 100’ Heavy-Duty Aerial Tower on an Arrow XT chassis.

The custom low overall height of the 100’ Heavy-Duty Aerial Ladders is the first-ever of this configuration and will support the department’s manoeuvrability requirements within the city’s historic firehouses. Additionally, the new apparatus will provide critical fleet updates to ensure the community’s fire and emergency service needs are met for years to come.

“As the process of selecting new fire apparatus began, we knew we needed and wanted heavy-duty ladders that would be manoeuvrable in our historic firehouses and on city streets,” said Michael Bates, assistant chief of the Providence Fire Department. “We were pleased with Pierce’s ability to reengineer a fire truck to meet all of our requirements. Our department has been fortunate to work with Pierce and the Allegiance Fire and Rescue team, who didn’t take a typical sales approach but rather suggested features that they knew would be best for us.”

Chief Bates added, “We chose the mid-mount tower because it best suits the Providence Fire Department’s needs. It’s shorter than any other tower, has excellent set-up speed, is manoeuvrable in tight downtown and residential streets, and the below-grade extension is remarkable.”

All of the nine new fire apparatus will include the added safety attributes of Pierce’s Carcinogen Awareness and Reduction to Exposure (CARE) cab customisation, including removable and washable seat covers, diamond plate floors, and Line-X coverage on metal surfaces within the cabs for enhanced durability and cleanability.