London Fire Brigade

With organised firework displays cancelled this year due to Covid-19, London Fire Brigade is calling on Londoners to think twice about holding a firework display or building a garden bonfire at all and to consider celebrating a different way with less risks.

The London Fire Brigade is preparing for a busier night than usual with a risk of people becoming injured at home or fires getting out of control.

Last year, we attended more than 2000 incidents over the Halloween and Bonfire Night period – 29 October to 12 November.

Over the last five years, 45% of fires ignited by fireworks during the Bonfire Night period occurred at residential properties. There is a reason why firework displays and bonfires are normally organised by professionals in large spaces as they can get out of control very quickly.

With the LFB’s warning in mind, they are calling on Londoners to follow their safety advice and Covid-19 guidelines.

The Brigade’s Assistant Commissioner for Fire Safety, Paul Jennings said: “As public firework displays are not taking place this year, we understand you may still want to celebrate. But we urge you to think twice about holding a firework display or building a bonfire in your garden.

“Think about your neighbours, particularly older people or those who are self isolating, pets and of course those of us in the emergency services.

“Despite our warning if you do choose to have your own display, never drink alcohol and set off fireworks, keep fireworks in a closed metal box and only ever buy ones which carry the CE mark.

“Bonfires should be clear of buildings, sheds, fences and hedges. Bonfires in your back garden can especially be dangerous.

“This time of year is usually one of the busiest for firefighters and Control Officers and we also need to support our NHS colleagues, so please help us, by keeping yourself safe.”