Early fire detection with TITANUS

Early fire detection with TITANUS Air Sampling Smoke Detectors from WAGNER. Every second counts where fire is concerned.

The faster a fire is detected, the faster action can be taken in order to prevent more serious damage. The head start that WAGNER’S TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors offer can be crucial to a company’s continued existence. After all, fire is an ever-present risk that is not to be underestimated. Material assets, operational processes, people and the environment are always exposed to this threat, which is why appropriate fire protection solutions are so important.

According to statistics by Siegfried Bussenius, the majority of damaging fires (68 %) develop from prolonged smouldering fires. Conventional smoke detectors have a crucial disadvantage there: depending on whether they are optical fire detectors or heat detectors, these smoke detectors will only react to high concentrations of smoke or increased temperatures within the protected area. By that time it is often too late to implement countermeasures.

WAGNER’s highly sensitive air sampling smoke detection systems (previously known as aspirating smoke detection systems) offer early smoke detection in the pyrolysis phase along with graduated alarms. High response sensitivity, continuous air sampling, and a graded alarm-activation concept ensure early detection of smouldering and incipient fires, so that users have time to react to alarms appropriately.

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