Extend the lifespan of your equipment with HydroBlast. Elkhart Brass automated remote control HydroBlast monitor system is the ideal solution for your fire protection and cleaning needs. A versatile and reliable system, HydroBlast is ideal for fire protection applications, mining & construction equipment cleaning, and dust mitigation.

The HydroBlast monitor system is designed to provide the flexibility and reliability required for rugged and corrosive environments. Offering programming and configuration flexibility, the HydroBlast system can be tailored to your individual needs. Designed for frequent, repeated and multi-spray pattern applications, the HydroBlast is easy to install and provides speed and efficiency while cleaning.

The wash sequence is customer defined, allowing the user to program and save washdown patterns for different sized vehicles and equipment, all with reduced manpower. The operator can also choose from utilizing the HydroBlast remote control system or using customer plant PLC control unit to control the functions of the system.

The HydroBlast is constructed with performance and longevity in mind. Made out of corrosion resistance silicon bronze, the HydroBlast is built to last. Heavy duty cycle motors and industrial grade seals and bearings provide protection against fine mining dust and water ingress to ensure durability and longevity. A patented thrust rod design helps ensure extended swivel and bearing life.

Featuring flow rates of 50-700 GPM (180 to 2550 LPM), the HydroBlast has a stream reach up to 271 ft. (83 m). A wide coverage oscillation range (Vertical Oscillation: -45º to +90º) (Horizontal Oscillation: 350º) provides a comprehensive washdown of equipment of dust and debris, helping extend equipment lifespan.

In addition to customizable programming capabilities, the HydroBlast was designed with safety in mind. Mechanical stop limits and programmable safety stops help ensure both safety and accuracy when operating the system.

The HydroBlast system offers the industry’s most cost efficient and reliable solutions in its class.


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