Gilberts rise to smoke evacuation challenges

The ‘best yet’ is how Gilberts Blackpool is describing its latest range of smoke evacuation dampers for multi-storey buildings. Gilberts is taking its reputation to new heights with its new Series 60 smoke evacuation damper range. Believed to be the only vent of its kind designed and manufactured in the UK, Series 60 offers what Gilberts claims will be the biggest standard range of EN12101-8 compliant fire-tested dampers. The initial


HydroBlast remote control monitor system

Extend the lifespan of your equipment with HydroBlast. Elkhart Brass automated remote control HydroBlast monitor system is the ideal solution for your fire protection and cleaning needs. A versatile and reliable system, HydroBlast is ideal for fire protection applications, mining & construction equipment cleaning, and dust mitigation. The HydroBlast monitor system is designed to provide the flexibility and reliability required for rugged and corrosive environments. Offering programming and configuration flexibility,

Zagreb ’s heroic firefighters honoured

Zagreb ’s heroic firefighters have been honoured with a special mural on the city’s passenger trams to validate all their hard work in the fire industry. The mural is to thank Zagreb Fire Brigade for their quick and thorough response to a large earthquake measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale, which hit Croatia’s capital city in April this year. It also celebrates 150 years of firefighting in the city. This

Firefighter donating £1000 prize to Firefighters Charity

London Firefighter Jimmy Durant has donated £1000 prize to the Firefighters Charity, during the Coronavirus pandemic financial struggles. Absolute Radio’s Breakfast Show with Wickes is saying thank you to keyworkers and Enfield firefighter Jimmy was nominated by his wife Cassandra for going above and beyond during Covid-19. Jimmy, 32, volunteered for Pandemic Multiagency Response Teams (PMART). The team’s work ensured a safe response to Covid-19 deaths that may occur in