Sourcewell strike up a partnership with FireRescue GPO

Cooperative purchasing organisation Sourcewell has joined forces with the Western Fire Chiefs Association (WFCA), founder of FireRescue GPO.

This FireRescue GPO partnership with Sourcewell will provide an even greater opportunity to meet the cooperative procurement needs of the nation’s fire service, as well as enhance FireRescue GPO’s ability to serve the fire service. Revenue generated through FireRescue GPO is shared with fire chiefs’ associations across the country including the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), its divisions, and state fire chiefs’ associations.

“With this new partnership, we will significantly grow our fire service and public safety contracts to provide even more options to our public safety community,” said Tom Perttula, Sourcewell manager of contract administration.

Sourcewell is a government organization serving other public entities for more than four decades by providing cooperative procurement solutions across the United States and Canada to more than 50,000 participating agencies.

Sourcewell offers a growing contract portfolio, including:

*recently awarded

Future solicitations include public safety technology and communications, critical care and resuscitation equipment, public safety body armor, and more.

“This partnership leverages the power of scale to our cooperative procurement program,” said Chief Jeffrey Johnson, CEO of the Western Fire Chiefs Association, “providing a more effective and comprehensive purchasing experience for our members.”

View contract options for public safety through the FireRescue GPO partnership at

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