Streamlight Inc offers a range of high-quality products built with precision and performance especially for law enforcement, fire & rescue and the military.

Trusted all over the world by multiple industries, Streamlight is defined by their innovation, delivering effective, efficient, high performance lighting solutions.

These feature the latest technology, unmatched performance, incredible value and durability that you can depend on.

The leading Survivor right angle, clip-on flashlight is depended on by firefighters for its toughness, compact size and reliability.

Featuring a slim profile and a dependable clip/hook for more accurate light orientation, the Survivor has two interchangeable Smoke Cutter plugs to help create the preferred beam pattern.

The two plug choices include an Amber Smoke Cutter and a Black Smoke Cutter, both of which reduce peripheral light when inserted into the light’s optic.

Use of the Amber Smoke Cutter Plug also reduces the potential for glare in smoke conditions, while giving off a more yellow light that is easier on the eyes. The Black Smoke Cutter Plug provides a more concentrated beam appearance.

Possessing the latest in high lumen LED technology for extreme brightness, the Survivor  has 4 lighting modes that include high and low intensity, emergency flash, anda moonlight mode for low-level lighting that runs for 15 days.

On high, the light delivers 175 lumens and 41,000 candela. The light’s custom optic produces a narrow beam, ideal for cutting through smoke, fog and mist, whilst also providing optimum peripheral illumination to aid in navigation.

The light’s reinforced, built-in attachment D-ring and updated spring-loaded clip offer superior retention, conveniently latching to belts and harnesses.

Its super-tough nylon housing provides exceptional durability and the Survivor is designed for easy operation even with heavy gloves.

All openings are O-ring sealed to resist moisture, including the light’s unbreakable, scratch-resistantpolycarbonate lens with silicone anti-scratch coating, assembled in a heavy-duty bezel. The light has an IPX4 rated design for water resistance and is impact resistance-tested to 2 metres.

The Survivor operates on a rechargeable lithium ion battery can be recharged up to 1,500 times. The light also permits firefighters to insert a spare pack of four “AA” alkaline or four “AA” lithium batteries to reduce the likelihood of being caught in the dark with a spent battery.

Operating run times for the rechargeable battery range from 3.5 hours on High to 10 hours on Low, with 5 hours on the flash setting and 15 continuous days in moonlight mode.

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