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To offer its customers a complete range of fire detection products, Johnson Controls is now partnering with a well-established Spanish manufacturer of public address and voice alarm (PA/VA) systems.

The partnership allows Johnson Controls to offer its customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa all the fire detection products needed to protect commercial buildings and public facilities. All the PA/VA products will be sold under the Johnson Controls name.

As part of the partnership, Johnson Controls is releasing two new PA/VA products: the NEO and the ONE PA/VA systems.

NEO PA/VAsystem: This compact, all-in-one, cost-effective unit is the first and currently the only EN 54-16 certified system manufactured in Spain. NEO’s plug-and-play connectivity reduces time and costs while simplifying installation, maintenance and operation. The system offers four balanced inputs and balanced pre-amplified outputs with flexible amplifiers covering a range of 120W to 1,000W. NEO’s advanced event manager schedules events by time and date, provides phased evacuation with EVAC and Alerts in different zones with displays that offer easy programming of automatic events. It is ideal for medium to large building applications.

ONE PA/VA system: ONE is a complete PA and voice evacuation system with an EN 54-4 battery charger integrated in a single device. It includes an innovative wall and rack design that allows it to be mounted based on the specifications of each project. ONE includes four balanced inputs and four balanced pre-amplified outputs with flexible amplifiers up to 500W. Two message players support up to 10 minutes of memory with a USB upload to an internal drive. It is ideal for small to medium sized building applications.

“We decided to partner with this particular manufacturer because they allow us to offer high-quality PA/VA products that are easy to install, maintain and service at a competitive price,” said Peter Hauser, senior global product manager, Johnson Controls. “Johnson Controls EMEA customers now have access to all their fire detection equipment needs through a single source.”

Johnson Controls PA/VA products offer protection for a wide range of commercial and institutional buildings and structures, including retail buildings, exhibition centers, corporate buildings, schools, universities, hospitals, shopping malls, logistic centers, sports centers, railway networks, tunnels and airports.

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