Firexo joins forces with UK PPE manufacturer Beeswift Limited


Firexo joins forces with UK PPE manufacturer Beeswift Limited

Ground-breaking fire extinguishing company Firexo has partnered with Beeswift, one of the largest manufacturers and wholesale producers of PPE in the UK.

Beeswift will begin distributing the Firexo range from December as Firexo looks to build upon its successful first year of operations. Beeswift is already signed to over 150 service providers in the UK while provisions of Firexo’s solution are being used by local Fire Brigades across England.

The agreement with Beeswift is a natural next step for Firexo. As the first and only liquid able to quickly extinguish all classes of fire (A, B, C, D, E, & F), the ground-breaking sachets and extinguishers are uniquely placed to become a major player in the protective equipment market. The partnership with Beeswift, as the major supplier for all PPE and safety requirements, will help facilitate Firexo’s mission of becoming a household name.

Beeswift’s ability to increase the visibility of Firexo’s range of products to markets around the world, through its enviable network of distributors, sales agents and international contracts is crucial for Firexo. As the solution works for any business, organisation, household or individual, Firexo is guided by a vision of empowering all people on fire safety.  The product takes the confusion out of which extinguisher to use on which fire. Electrical, fuel, gas, oil, fat, metals, and solid combustible material fires can all be put out with one single solution.

Firexo CEO, Dave Breith said, “A clear vision of our roadmap for Firexo is to sign strategic wholesaler partnerships with big players in the protective clothing and equipment market. We could not be more pleased to have Beeswift as a partner in this area, as we look to capitalise on a very successful first year”.

Firexo CEO, Dave Breith continued, “The catalogue of safety products available at Beeswift is enviable and it is testament to Firexo’s unique capabilities of safeguarding both consumers and businesses alike against fire, that makes us an important part of their portfolio. Beeswift will no doubt help facilitate our vision of becoming a household name in the years to come”.

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