Cradlepoint have announced the first responder charities it is pledging to donate a portion of its 2019 public safety revenues to in January 2020, which will be First Responder’s Children’s Foundation and Leary Firefighters Foundation.
The charitable contribution is part of Cradlepoint’s FirstConnect program, which is designed to ease the challenges often faced by first responder agencies in purchasing, deploying, and supporting fixed site, in-vehicle, and IoT-based routing solutions for access to FirstNet and other nationwide public safety broadband networks.
Cradlepoint’s FirstConnect first responder charity contribution is administered under its CradlepointCares community involvement initiative. For 2019, the following charities have been selected based on the importance and relevance of their missions, and their efficiency in minimising administration costs so that the majority of funds pass to the cause.
Speaking about the decision to work with both First Responder’s Children’s Foundation and Leary Firefighters Foundation, Todd Krautkremer – Chief Marketing Officer at Cradlepoint – offered some reasons as to why they have the FirstConnect initiative and how they want to be seen more as just a solution provider.
“With over 3,000 first responder agency customers — including police, fire and emergency services in some of the nation’s largest cities—we understand the challenges and sacrifices that first responders experience every day and the role technology plays in improving their efficiency and safety,” said Krautkremer. “We feel an obligation to be more than just a solution provider, which is why our mantra is ‘we connect and serve those who protect and serve our communities’ and why our FirstConnect program includes an annual charitable contribution to first responder causes.”

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