Abhishek Chhabra discusses the Abu Dhabi conference for Safety Design in Buildings taking place in December.
Safety Design in Buildings (SDIB) is the leading debating platform for safety and fire professionals in the construction industry. Experts give their insights into risk assessments, holistic fire safety design, operational technology and building accessibility.
Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants (TBWIC) is a Dubai-based engineering firm that provides Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) services in the commercial building sector. Abhishek Chhabra, Marketing Development Manager for TBWIC, one of the speakers in the upcoming conference, shares his thoughts.
Chhabra begins by discussing the Gulf Cooperation Council Markets (GCC markets). He explains how, aside from GCC markets, the whole world has been reacting to new knowledge and new understanding of fire safety, specifically relating, but not limited to, cladding. Each country’s geography is different and as a result, their construction and fire safety are also, but the building core must remain the same in terms of passive fire protection, fire doors and fire related products. He continues to explain how the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence has been increasing awareness to new developers and building owners to ensure that they are prepared to bring complete fire safety into new and maintained constructions.
Chhabra follows this by debunking the most common myths and misconceptions with testing and certification processes. He establishes that everybody has the same intent, to create a fire safe building, and that there are specific internationally published standards and guidelines of how fire life and safety should be brought into buildings. He continues to explain TBWIC’s role in enforcing this “intent”, through testing, inspecting and certificating all aspects of fire safety in construction. He explains how they must work in partnership with the Civil Defence to continuously strive to raise the minimum requirements in fire safety.
Chhabra finishes the interview by expanding on what he will be discussing at the SDIB and how that can benefit fire safety internationally.

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