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Further enhancing its position as an industry innovator in wireless technology solutions, Ramtech Electronics has launched WES3 – a new fire alarm system that has benefits beyond its current WES+ range.
Offering several new features that allow firms to maximise site safety, the new product is fully compliant with EN-54 and developed alongside other leading construction companies, effectively safeguarding employees and assets.
One of its most sophisticated new features is the medical alert, allowing individuals to easily raise a medical emergency without the need for a complete site evacuation.
The optional inspection delay is another new feature, which can help site managers discover whether a false alarm has been raised – perfect when organising a staged evacuation for training purposes.
Another positive feature for site managers is the pre-alarm function, allowing the ability to turn off the alarm sounder on other stations and enable a lower level alert without triggering an unnecessary evacuation.
Included with the WES3, is a full isolation test mode, which means individual call points can be tested without having to use the full system alarm.
Paul Henson, Sales and Marketing Director at Ramtech Electronics, commented: “High-profile fires on construction and renovation sites have never been more talked about in the media, prompting more companies to analyse their fire prevention equipment.
“WES3’s wireless technology not only allows units to be moved as a project evolves, but the system features enhance the safety of site staff, visitors and the property asset itself.
“With the addition of a stand-alone medical alert on each call point and various features to allow site managers the ability to truly manage activity associated with the system, it is much more than a wireless fire alarm. When used in conjunction with our cloud-based monitoring platform WES REACT, WES3 becomes a total fire safety solution.”
A range of units make up the system, including call points, interface, heat detector, dust resistant smoke detector, link and the all-important base station. The system is compliant with key safety standards, including HSG167, the Structural Timber Association Guidelines, and the Fire Protection Association Joint Code of Practice and it is installable to BS5839.
To find out more about WES3, visit: www.wesfire.com.

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