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TRIGEN Automotive unveils Auberon

TRIGEN Automotive, a leading manufacturer of special function vehicles and robotics solutions for emergency services worldwide, is proud to unveil its latest firefighting solution – Auberon Pneumatic Exoskeleton. In an ever changing urban landscape where high-rise buildings are becoming increasingly commonplace, new sets of firefighting challenges are being posed to emergency services daily. Recognising this phenomenon, TRIGEN Automotive is determined to equip firefighters with enabling technology that empowers them with effective firefighting solutions while placing a strong emphasis on user safety.
Auberon, conceptualised together with Singapore Civil Defence Force, is developed with the aim of helping firefighters carry heavy firefighting equipment up multiple flights of stairs when lift systems in a high-rise building malfunction. These firefighting equipment, which typically include breathing apparatus, hoses, nozzles and power tools, can weigh up to 40 kilogrammes and pose considerable strain on the fireman when he has to climb up several storeys to reach a fire scene. With Auberon, the equipment are slung across specially designed frames which help to free up the fireman’s hands as he makes his way up the building. At the same time, the muscle stress placed on the fireman, especially on the shoulders, will be reduced as the weight of the equipment will be passed through the exoskeleton and transferred to the ground via the footplate. In addition, pneumatic pistons on the legs of Auberon assist in pushing the fireman up when he climbs stairs, making the process less physically demanding. By alleviating physical strain, it allows the fireman to focus on tackling the emergency situation more efficiently.
Designed as a pure mechanical system, Auberon uses two 6.8 litres compressed air tanks to power up the system. This enables the fireman to climb up and back down a 12-storey building three times with compressed air to spare. On top of that, no external intelligence to complicate the controls of the exoskeleton nor electronics are used to power Auberon. This ensures that the system will function even in adverse conditions and is not affected by extreme high temperatures or wet environments. At the same time, a quick release catch on Auberon allows the fireman to jettison the exoskeleton swiftly in an emergency. In firefighting situations where reliability of systems and safety of users are of utmost importance, these design factors help contribute to the robust nature of Auberon.
“Auberon demonstrates TRIGEN Automotive’s recognition of the essential and demanding work carried out by firefighters worldwide,” said Lim Joo Siang, Senior Project Manager of Auberon. “We have worked very closely with emergency services to understand their challenges on the ground and engineered a reliable solution that mitigates the harsh conditions faced by firefighters in high-rise firefighting.”
TRIGEN Automotive has also developed a series of firefighting and emergency vehicles, including the flagship Tumbler Element, a compact yet powerful firefighting truck designed to provide rapid response to emergency situations and function in tight urban spaces that larger fire engines may have difficulties getting into.

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