The Grande Prairie Fire Department in Canada has announced that Preben Bossen is their new fire chief, and stated that he was very keen to grab the opportunity with both hands.
“I am very excited about this opportunity and would like to thank all who have supported me during this process,” Preben said. “I also appreciate all the support I have received form the Grande Prairie Fire Department staff.
On the 27th December, Preben was officially active in his new role, after taking over from former chief Dan Lemieux. In September 2017, Lemieux stepped down from his position after nine years in the role in order to become director of Emergency Services/Fire Chief of Strathcona County.
Preben has a lot of experience within the fire sector, and actually started his career with the Grande Prairie Fire Department back in 1983 as a volunteer firefighter. The following year, Preben became a full-time firefighter, and would eventually progress to 1st Class Fire Fighter a few years later in 1987.
His progression continued and in 2001, Preben was promoted to lieutenant, and four years later in 2005, he was promoted to captain.
Since 2015, Preben has been deputy fire chief (operations), having worked his way up the ladder all his life. Back in 2012, Preben was given the position of platoon chief, which gave him additional and much needed management experience which meant when the time came to be acting deputy chief in 2015, he was well equipped to succeed.
“I look forward to providing leadership and guidance to this very progressive and highly functioning fire department and to maintain the many great working relationships throughout the region and province that we have come to appreciate so much,” he said.

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