The HF range has been introduced to accommodate the special requirements of wireless alarm systems used on ‘temporary accommodation units’ located inside buildings under construction, or refurbishment, or within 10 metres of these buildings.
Designed to be fully compatible with all Cygnus equipment used throughout a construction site, there are two new control panels and various modules and devices now available for this purpose.
Fully certified to EN54 Parts 2 and 4, the new CYHF control panel can be linked into the Cygnus fire alarm system using the Cygnus IOU device. This allows the Cygnus system on-site to communicate to the wireless alarm system fitted within a temporary accommodation unit. The control panel communicates to the rest of the CYHF wireless devices via the translator module that is connected to the loop. Easily installed and very user friendly, the new control panel comes in 2 zone or 4 zone models and is surface mountable. There are alert inputs, on-board fire and fault relays and a combined keypad / key switch entry.
The translator module is capable of linking up to 32 wireless detector and alarm devices, and can be integrated into a wired system if required.  A wireless expander module is available to increase radio strength and communication beyond a single translator which relays the radio messages to further expander devices or directly to the wireless detectors, core units or sounder / beacons.
Various devices can be linked to the control panels, these including optical smoke detectors, heat detectors, multi-sensor detectors, sounder bases and sounder/beacon bases.  All of these devices are compliant to EN54 for use in temporary accommodation units (TAUs). The optical smoke detector has the capability to analyse different types of smoke particles to prevent unwanted alarms; the wireless heat detector can be configured to different settings such as fixed temperature, rate of rise or high temperature; the multi-sensor detector is a combined smoke and heat sensor alarm; and there is a sounder and a sounder/beacon base providing a visual indicator with a flashing LED beacon.
Designed specifically for use on construction sites, the CE marked Cygnus system works in dense concrete and steel structured building areas where there are many other radio frequencies in operation. Particular attention has been given to achieving impressive connection range.
A major feature of the complete Cygnus system is the optional CYG6 or CYG1 control panel which provide advanced capability with an event log function which records any events such as alarm activation, low battery warning and signal faults, all of which can be viewed as necessary on the history folder held on the panel. The system also has the ability to test all units and has an evacuate function which will act as a call point to the rest of the alarm units.
Each unit in the system can provide the panel with information at regular intervals. This explicit information confirms the unit is still present and what the battery status of each device is. Called the ‘heart beat’ this message is monitored by the control panel where fitted and if the ‘heart beat’ is not heard for several intervals, the control panel logs a fault status for that unit.
Bull Products offers a full one-year guarantee on all Cygnus devices and provides a very high level of technical, on-site and after-sales service support in addition to its standard maintenance contracts.

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