EarthClean Corporation of St. Paul, Minnesota, today announced it has finalized development of TetraKO® XL-L, an all-new liquid version of its patented firefighting water enhancer technology. TetraKO XL-L is designed to be directly injected into a water stream to produce an on-demand fire suppressant for direct and indirect attacks, as well as wetlines and structure protection. It can also be batch mixed where direct injection equipment is not available.

“Developing the new TetraKO XL-L water enhancer is a major step forward in our drive to offer the industry game-changing performance in an easy-to-use liquid formula,” said James R. Grabek, EarthClean Corporation President. “We are currently testing the new product with ground-based and aircraft-based firefighting systems to verify its efficacy, and will report to the industry as soon as results are available.”

TetraKO XL-L is a patent pending, biodegradable cornstarch-based liquid product designed to be injected into a water stream, mix quickly with water, and shear-thin when pumped through a hose. TetraKO XL-L enhances performance and firefighter safety. It delivers faster and more effective knockdown and suppression of Class-A fires compared to plain water and traditional foams, while eliminating exposure to chemicals found in long- term retardants and foams that can damage fish, wildlife and sensitive watersheds. TetraKO XL-L reduces smoke and water damage, conserves water, and greatly reduces run-off.

“The introduction of TetraKO XL-L is the result of extensive in-house R&D efforts, and we’re very encouraged by its potential,” Grabek explained. “Our team continues to make progress with the development of other new products – in addition to the new granulate and liquid formulas – that will continue to build our firefighting product line portfolio.”

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